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Currently, my services include Franchise Consulting and personal transportation using the rideshare platforms of Uber and Lyft.  Click the links on the Rideshare page to signup or contact me for more information on how to signup (as a rider or a driver) and how you can schedule a pickup, in advance, using the UZURV app.


Franchise Consulting:


I have started my own company (AMC Franchising) and currently provide assistance to those that wish to become their own boss using the Franchise System.  


I'm a Certified Franchise Consultant that can assist you in finding that dream job by owning your own business and having money going into your pocket, not someone elses.


Click here to schedule your FREE Consultation and get on the road to your own success.



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AMC Franchising:

Phone: +1 919-584-8318



RideShare Services:

Phone: +1 919-435-4452




Phone: +1 214-755-9602


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